At Godfrey Phillips India, we value the virtues of integrity, perseverance and hard work. Godfrey Phillips India encourages and empowers our employees to become tomorrow’s business leaders by helping them realize their ambition, set their own goals and make their mark in a rapidly changing business environment. By fostering a challenging, yet, educative environment, we build new competencies and enable our employees to realize their full potential.

We take pride in our work environment that strives to provide opportunities to innovate, constantly create value for our customers, seek new business opportunities, and work on stronger relationships with all our stakeholders. Our stimulating work environment keeps employees inspired and motivated through variety of tasks and  participative workshops, training and coaching thus helping them take up challenges with a positive attitude and the assurance of timely support.

We welcome the opportunity to build a wholesome, diverse working environment, where individual passion and initiative is encouraged and rewarded at all times. Come and be a part of this vibrant organization where each day brings with it new challenges and opportunities to create a difference.

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