Godfrey Phillips India has a heritage of over 25 years in blending the finest teas for the palate of the discerning consumer. Our successful foray into the Indian tea market began in 1988 with a unique concept ahead of its time - tea boutiques, with cutting edge dispensing units, where connoisseurs could blend their own tea.
Today, we are India's 8th largest packaged tea manufacturers, present in more than 600,000 convenience stores, grocery shops and teashops, across 15 states of the country.
We have two state-of-the-art tea-packaging units - at Bazpur, Uttarakhand, and at Kolkata, West Bengal. We have several successful international partnerships and we export teas to multiple clients in more than10 markets across the world.
Tea is an important part of the company's overall vision of becoming a diversified global company.
Godfrey Phillips India's Tea City brand is present across all major price points, with a range of teas tailor made for consumers across India. These include:

A perfect combination of premium CTC tea and the long orthodox leaves, which are 50-70% more expensive than regular CTC Tea. The high quality Symphony blend is the preferred choice of consumers who appreciate aroma as much as strength.

This tea is available in two variants. Symphony Darjeeling Tea is high quality tea sourced from the top gardens in Darjeeling. Symphony Green Tea, naturally rich in antioxidants, helps in reducing the harmful effects of stress and pollution on the body.

A blend of the rarest selection of strong Assam tea and long, orthodox, aromatic tea leaves. This selection of fine teas is tested using the most advanced technology and processes, for the assurance of consistent quality with every pack.

For those who like their tea to have an intensity of taste, an enriching colour, as well as a refreshing aroma, this blend delivers with a unique combination of long leaves with Assam tealeaves.

Containing Top Assam Leaves for rich taste and colour, this is a perfect blend from the sprawling tea gardens of Assam. A full-bodied brew, Super Cup is for those who like their tea strong.