Godfrey Phillips India takes pride in offering a work environment that provides opportunities to innovate, create value for our customers, seek new business opportunities, and work on stronger relationships with all our stakeholders.
It is a challenging, yet, stimulating work environment where our employees are encouraged and empowered to become tomorrow's business leaders – by enabling them to realise their ambitions, set their own goals and make their mark in a rapidly changing business environment.
At Godfrey Phillips India, we value the virtues of integrity, perseverance and hard work. We are a family of over 3000 professionals working together to forge ahead and create strong brands.
Our work culture, which has evolved over decades, is built on these four ‘pillars'.
Performance Orientation – knowing what we have to achieve drives our efforts, and makes the outcome of our efforts measurable as well as objective.
Customer Centricity – with the consumer's perspective guiding us, we are empowered to create stronger brands and stronger bonds with the consumer.

Transparency and Open Communication – we endeavour to be clear, concise and honest with all our professional colleagues and trust each other.
Collaboration – when we collaborate and add our effort to a common goal, we perform better and multiply the rewards we could have attained as individuals.
At Godfrey Phillips India, employees are inspired and motivated through participative workshops, training and coaching to empower them to take up every challenge with a positive attitude.
We welcome the opportunity to build a wholesome, diverse working environment, where individual passion and initiative is encouraged and rewarded at all times.
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