Godfrey Phillips Bravery is a renowned corporate social responsibility initiative of Godfrey Phillips India. These Awards have brought to light the uncommon spirit of the common man, and given recognition to extraordinary, yet little known, acts of valour, social service and humanitarian deeds from all over India.
Instituted in 1990, over the past two decades, the initiative has awarded thousands of citizens of the country for exhibiting bravery, in a range of categories.

  • PHYSICAL BRAVERY acknowledges those people who, at great personal risk, save lives or by their actions, prevent extensive damage to property
  • ACT OF SOCIAL COURAGE acknowledges people who work against social evils such as dowry, child marriage, illiteracy and environmental concerns etcetera in a sustained manner
  • MIND OF STEEL AWARD recognises people who have performed despite physical, mental, emotional or financial limitations. It also recognises people who stand by their personal convictions and principles in a social situation, against all odds/threats
  • AMODINI AWARD, honours women or organisations, who have made significant contributions towards the empowerment of economically and socially backward Indian women, and have done extensive work towards making them financially independenT
  • THE SOCIAL LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD of Godfrey Phillips Bravery is presented to individuals who have made a significant lifelong contribution to the nation