Bravery Awards

Godfrey Phillips Bravery Awards

With the growing stature in the region and beyond, comes great responsibility towards the society. At Godfrey Phillips India, envisioning a mutually beneficial coexistence is an integral part of all growth activities and also to create a compassionate and courageous society.

Godfrey Phillips India, has always been proactive with social responsibility initiatives, be it within or outside the office. Some of these initiatives are Godfrey Phillips Bravery Awards, Women’s Empowerment Projects, various GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) and support programmes for tobacco farmers and environmental management.

Godfrey Phillips Bravery is the Corporate Social Responsibility of Godfrey Phillips India, and a multidimensional initiative that endeavours to fulfill our commitment to enrich and energize the society within which we operate.


  • The Physical Bravery category recognizes individuals who have saved lives by endangering their own or prevented extensive damage to property by their timely actions, despite being at great personal risk. The Awardees in this category are presented with a medal accompanied by a cash reward.
  • The Social Acts of Courage category has been created to acknowledge the role of individuals who have adopted a strong stance and stood up against social evils such as dowry, child marriage, illiteracy and environmental concerns, etc. The Awardees in this category are presented with a medal accompanied by a cash reward.
  • The Mind of Steel Award category is for those individuals who have pushed their limits and delivered extraordinary results by overcoming their limitations, physical, psychological, economical or otherwise. This category also acknowledges people who show true strength of character by standing by their personal convictions in a social situation, challenging all odds. The Awardees in this category are presented with medals accompanied by a cash reward.
  • The Amodini Award has been instituted to honor exceptional women who have made significant contributions towards empowering economically and socially backward Indian women along with extensively working towards making them financially independent. The Amodini Award is a special recognition for women and carries a cash award. The award is an extension of the initiatives carried under the same name- the Amodini- Women’s Empowerment Projects.

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