Improving the quality of people's lives by implementing innovative ideas and solutions. Developing best-in-class operational competencies. And committing to deliver excellence. These are the beliefs that have guided Godfrey Phillips India as we grew and diversified beyond cigarettes, offering a bouquet of goods and services, including Chewing Masala, Retail and Confectionery.
Each product category we enter is well researched and the products we create are positioned to build the brand by offering our customers a unique value proposition.
Godfrey Phillips India understands the importance of innovation in a dynamic business environment, where technology can easily become redundant.

That is why TPM processes like Six Sigma, Kaizen, 5S, and Haichi-ban have been successfully incorporated in to our value system.
This perseverance with the quest to improve the quality and efficiency of our work place has infused our sales, marketing, and distribution channels with new energy and led to the creation of a motivated, dynamic, work force geared to take on challenges.
Godfrey Phillips India continues to broaden its horizons everyday, envisioning a growing role for itself in the social and economic progress of the nation.