Launched over 50 years ago, in 1958, Four Square is one of India’s best-known brands. It enjoys the trust of consumers across India and has a reputation for being innovative in meeting changing consumer preferences.
The brand has many firsts to its credit like introducing innovative pack designs with a tactile look and feel. In the past, Four Square has developed some of India’s most iconic brand communication such as “Live Life Kingsize” that still resonates with the audience.
Four Square is available in both king-size and regular-size segments in a wide portfolio of variants, which includes Four Square Kings, Four Square Special, Four Square Original Blend, Four Square Vybes, Four Square Famous and Four Square Prince.


Cavanders is one of the oldest brands of Godfrey Phillips India. Its long and rich heritage links it back to a time when sailors were the world’s trendsetters.In India, Cavanders has been known for its plain cigarettes, its thickest diameter cigarettes, and its filtered and non-filtered variants. One of the few brands in the country to offer such a range of formats to its consumers, Cavanders has kept pace with changing times and needs.
The brand is available in a host of variants ranging from Cavanders Gold Leaf and Magna in the plain segment to Cavanders Gold, Cavanders Special and Cavanders Magnum filter in the Regular size filter and Cavanders Magna filter in the Micro filter segment. The newest variant is Cavanders Goldstar. Cavanders is available across India in every state that Godfrey Phillips India operates in.


Godfrey Phillips India under an exclusive procurement and supply agreement with Philip Morris International, manufactures and distributes the iconic Marlboro in India.

Available at more than 100,000 retail outlets, in select cities of India, the brand is offered in 5 variants including the recently launched Marlboro Black Mint.


Red & White is one of the most preferred regular filter brands in India. Launched a year after India’s independence, it enjoys an iconic stature and a strong emotional bond with its loyal consumers.
Marketed as a masculine cigarette for ‘real men’ at its launch, it caught the imagination of the North Indian male. Ever since, Red & White has been a brand that symbolised the macho spirit of Indian men, especially in markets like Punjab, Haryana and Delhi. The brand’s tagline – “Hum Red & White peenen waalon ki baat hi kuch aur hai!” – is part of the colloquial lexicon.
Red & White continues to maintain its position as a leading brand in its operating markets and is well entrenched in the consumer’s mind as the brand that best reflects contemporary masculine style. It is available as Red & White Flake, Red & White Striker, and Red & White Kings.


Godfrey Phillips India manufactures some of the most popular and iconic cigarette brands in the country like Four Square, Red & White, and Cavanders. We also manufacture and distribute the iconic Marlboro brand under procurement and product supply agreement with Philip Morris International.

A company known for its innovations, we have created products like Stellar – India’s first slim cigarette, and ‘i-gen’ – a king-size cigarette that was the first in India to conform to EU norms of 10-1-10.Godfrey Phillips India’s last innovation was the launch of Hawk Eye – a range of premium king size cigarettes offered in no less than 16 blends. Hawk Eye brought together tobaccos sourced from all around the world, and world-class filtration technologies.

All our cigarettes are manufactured in state-of-the-art factories – at Rabale (Mumbai) and Guldhar (near Delhi). Our products are distributed through an extensive India wide network comprising 800 exclusive distributors, and over 800,000 retail outlets.