For crafting the delectable Pan Vilas Pan Masala, Godfrey Phillips India sources the highest quality ingredients – Areca nuts from Karnataka, Catechu from Himachal and the most flavourful Cardamom from Kerela. Pan Vilas is further curated using the most premium essential oils to ensure a rich refreshing taste. ‘Shauk Badi Cheez Hai’ the tagline of the brand is for the discerning consumers who differentiate themselves with their royal yet unique tastes and preferences.

State-of-the-art Japanese machinery ensures the highest level of quality, perfection and food safety. Pan Vilas is packed using an environmentally friendly paper foil sans plastic that sets it apart from other brands.

Pan Vilas has attained sizeable market share in Gujarat along with a strong presence in the states of UP, MP, Rajasthan, Odisha, and Delhi. The brand is available across India and ensures loyal consumers are able to savour the rich, refreshing taste wherever they go.


Pan Vilas Silver Dewz, a premium mouth freshener, made of the finest Elaichi (cardamom seeds) from Munnar, Kerala, and coated with pure, super thin, silver leaves offer consumers a Rich Refreshing Taste. Elaichi with its many benefits has led to an upswing in consumption among Indian consumers of all socio-economic categories. With its superior taste and experience, Pan Vilas Silver Dewz remains the first choice of the consumers.


Raag, a relatively newer pan masala under our chewing products category is now firmly established as a key player in the mid-premium segment. Since its launch in September 2015, the brand has seen rapid consumer acceptance and has quickly become the preferred choice of the quality conscious consumers. On account of its high quality taste and sophisticated packaging, Raag is commonly associated with the erstwhile Indian regal society, where consumption of Pan during leisure time was a common indulgence.  This association has been further tastefully captured through an innovative ‘Limited Edition Packaging’ series and a series of digital films (stop motion animation), both of which are based on the Mughal Miniature illustration forms.

Raag’s brand attributes are such that they were quickly appreciated by the consumers and built a strong emotional connect with them.