Reduced Harm Products

Verge Vapes UK

The Indian vaping community, though still niche, is growing at a steady pace with more and more consumers opting for the reduced harm option. As key players from the global vaping industry look at India with interest, Verge Vapes UK, has grabbed the consumers’ imagination. Providing a plethora of choices in premium E-Vapes and E-Juices, the specially crafted, superior quality, EU TPD compliant devices have been created in the UK’s finest labs to ensure the best in vaping innovation and experience.

Our Verge Atom, Verge XL and Verge Ora are safer, smoke and tar free alternatives to smoking. Verge Ora, The Only Real Alternative, features an advanced, yet simple interface and is available in flavours made by using the latest nicotine salt technology. So, whether you are a nicotine watcher, a flavour aficionado, a ninja vaper, a beginner or simply want to quit smoking, our products are here to answer your call!