Godfrey Phillips India

Godfrey Phillips India

Godfrey Phillips India Limited, the flagship company of Modi Enterprises, is one of the largest players in the Indian cigarette industry an annual turnover of approximately Rs. 5,803 crores (2017-18). The company has expanded its business interests to pan masala, chewing and confectionery products.  Godfrey Phillips India has operations across the country with the northern and western parts being the areas of strength. Our extensive distribution infrastructure allows us to reach consumers across India.

Along with some of the most popular cigarette brands in the country, like Four Square, Red and White, Cavanders, Tipper and North Pole, Godfrey Phillips India also manufactures and distributes the iconic Marlboro brand under procurement and product supply agreements with Philip Morris International.

Godfrey Phillips India has also forayed into the highly competitive confectionery segment with Funda Goli, in a range of flavours.

A few years ago, the company launched Pan Vilas pan masala, which has already shown great potential. Our recent product launches include Raag, a pan masala in the popular price segment, and Silver Dewz – a silver-coated Elaichi (cardamom seed) mouth freshener. Together, the two brands are poised to significantly grow our presence in the pan masala category.

Apart from the success in India, Godfrey Phillips India has also made inroads in international markets. Our International Business Division has developed rewarding associations with various players in the international tobacco industry.

We export its own cigarette brands, cut and blended tobacco, tobacco leaf and offer technical services and contract manufacturing for companies from the Middle East, Africa, Asia, Europe, Australia and Latin America.

We have three manufacturing facilities spread across the country – at Rabale (Mumbai) and two units in Ghaziabad (near Delhi). We also have a state-of-the-art R&D centre in Mumbai, and a tobacco-buying unit in Guntur (Andhra Pradesh).

Not only do our state of art facilities have some of the best processes and top certifications, our commitment to the environment too has been appreciated with awards like the Gold Award in the 15th Annual Greentech Environment Awards – 2015, and Greentech Gold Award for Safety Management. The Rabale manufacturing unit has, recently, also been accredited with an ISO 50001:2011 (Energy Management System) certification.

With the growing stature in the domestic and international markets, comes great responsibility towards the society. At Godfrey Phillips India, envisioning a mutually beneficial coexistence is an integral part of all growth activities.

Besides strong, internal, responsible marketing policies that govern all our actions, our CSR initiatives span a wide spectrum of social issues. One of our focus areas is to be an active and committed participant in enhancing the communities we work with. Our focus initiatives are centered around the women tobacco graders and with burley tobacco farmers and their communities in Andhra. Our commitment to be responsible to the environment from which we extract resources is reflected in our Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) initiative with farmers.

And to minimise the impact of our business on the environment, we have ISO 14001:2004 (Environment Management System) certification for our manufacturing plants and use methods that have been proven to be environmentally safe. In the past, our CSR efforts have included activities like Godfrey Phillips Bravery Awards, Blood Donation Drives, Women’s Empowerment projects, Godfrey Phillips WHITE and environmental management, besides many other philanthropic and charitable gestures which are a part of the company culture.


To become a leading tobacco player in India and beyond.

To sustain and enhance our position as one of India’s most prominent business organizations, while leveraging our proven competencies to diversify our reach across the globe.


  • Passion for winning
  • Innovation through learning and intrepreneurship
  • Winning trust internally and externally.
  • Global mindset
  • Socially Responsible Corporate Citizen

Godfrey Phillips India is aware that as one of the nation’s leading business houses we are a platform for people with a wide range of professional skills to come together, interact, engage and evolve.

To grow as an organisation, our family of over 3000 professionals must work together to forge ahead and create strong brands. It is a daunting task that requires us to understand ourselves, our work culture that has evolved over decades, and look ahead to the future.

Identifying some of the ‘pillars’ that our unique work culture is built on helps us illuminate the path to a brighter, more productive future. These pillars are:


Godfrey Phillips India is an organisation where people have a clear task orientation. Knowing what we have to achieve drives our efforts, and our productivity, and makes the outcome of our efforts measurable as well as objective.


As we work towards an objective, we strive to be the voice of the consumer within the company. With the consumer’s perspective guiding us, we are empowered to create stronger brands and stronger bonds with the consumer.


In our interactions with all our professional colleagues and all stakeholders, we will endeavour to be, at all times, clear, concise and honest. This is what allows us to trust each other and work together for our collective growth.


It takes more than one person to build a company that can stand the test of time and keep growing. When we collaborate and add our effort to a common goal, we perform better and multiply the rewards we could have attained as individuals.