Insight Tobaccocraft Institute

Insight Tobaccocraft Institute

Godfrey Phillips India’s Insight Tobaccocraft Institute is a complete research and development facility that employs some of India’s best scientists, cigarette designers, blenders and flavourists.

It is the first laboratory in the Indian tobacco industry to be accredited with an ISO 17025 certification, as well as recognition from the government’s Department of Science and Technology.

Our qualified blenders here, hailing from specialised fields of agricultural sciences, have mastered the art of tobacco selection and blending. Combining the traditional art of tobacco selection with advanced filtration technology and modern methods, we craft deeply flavorsome and satisfying smoking experiences.

At the Insight Tobaccocraft Institute, we are equipped to develop various cigarette blends matching the palette of customers across the globe, besides meeting the regulatory requirements of different parts of world. By being located alongside our production facilities, our R&D team can also combine synergies and create the best blends for domestic and international markets, based on customer needs.
In order to bring greater reliability to our analytical results, we also take part in initiatives such as the Asia Collaborative Study (ACS). Our participation each year, along with 58 other prominent cigarette companies of the world, such as PMI, BAT and JTI, helps cross calibrate our results with the best in the business. Our Z- scores, which determine the quality of analytical data, vis-à-vis the best in the world, have proven to be excellent year on year. The Insight Tobaccocraft Institute also makes blending and product development easy with its state-of-the-art, automated pilot plant, which is capable of processing and making sample cigarettes at a faster pace in relatively smaller quantities.
Continuous improvement, reverse engineering, creating product differentiation, and innovation are the core strengths of the Insight Tobaccocraft Institute.


Blending and product development made easy with the “state of art” automated pilot plant which is capable of processing and making sample cigarettes at a faster pace on a relatively small quantity. Continuous improvement, reverse engineering, product differentiation and Innovation are the slogans of our R&D team.

Step 1

Indepth understanding of the product requiremnet basis research data / customer inputs

Step 2

Data and knowledge based robust selection process is followed to choose the best input materials to create products for meeting consumers expectation.

Step 3

Approved input materials are processed and manufactured as per SOP in the state of the art processing facility

Step 6

Final product approval through consumer research or overseas customer’s feedback

Step 5

5Extensive Analtical and Quality tests are conducted to validate the agreed product specs

Step 4

Developed products are subjected to rigorous selection process through series of sensory evaluations by trained and calibrated expert panel to arrive at the best winning product.

Step 7

Technology transfer for commercial production

Step 8

Regular monitoring of quality of products during production and addressing customer grievances

Step 9

Regular monitoring of key competition brands and new launches across the world