The Management

The Management

Godfrey Phillips India has some of the most dynamic and talented entrepreneurial minds at the helm of a highly motivated, driven team. The management style that we believe in is to encourage a blend of professionalism and entrepreneurship, focusing on quality training, employee motivation and an enthusiasm to tackle any unexpected challenges that the job may present.A lateral business approach coupled with financial muscle and presence in various sectors gives us a clear competitive edge, embodied in our exceptional agility and cutting-edge management thinking.

Our management team’s faith in innovation and continuous improvement is reflected in the employees too – from the top manager to the worker on the factory floor.

A company driven by creativity and speed to market, we have also incorporated the latest systems and technology to deliver products and services of the finest quality in the market.


Bhisham Wadhera

Chief Executive Officer

Godfrey Phillips India Ltd

Bhisham Wadhera, as the Chief Executive Officer of Godfrey Phillips India, is at the helm of managing and supervising all domestic and international businesses of Godfrey Phillips India namely Cigarettes and Cigar, Mouth Fresheners and Candy.

Bhisham joined Godfrey Phillips India in 1991. He brought with him his vast experience of ITC Limited and VST Industries and used it as an impetus for both the Company and his career.

In 2013 Bhisham became the COO – International Operations. In the short period he accelerated the adding of developing countries to the business portfolio of exporting cigarettes, leaf and cut tobacco, along with focus on contract manufacturing. During the stint, he also increased focus on high volume market and introduced innovative products into the company kitty.

Now as a CEO, he is responsible for administration of all corporate functions like Human Resources, Finance, Corporate Affairs, Corporate Development, IT and Operations, Marketing and Market Research. He is also responsible for Sales and Distribution that has over 350 sales employees and 800 distributors with over 8,00,000 retail outlets across India associated with the Company.

Going forward his vision is to make Godfrey Phillips India a large diverse conglomerate and has set aggressive business goals for the Company.

With Masters in English from St. Stephens College, Delhi University, Bhisham is also an alumnus of Harvard Business School, Boston.