The Twenty Four Seven chain of convenience stores are another example of Godfrey Phillips India’s innovative approach to business. A first in India, these stores are one of the only organised retail chains in the ‘round-the-clock’ convenience store format.Launched with the vision of becoming an indispensable part of the lives of people in every community,

In terms of the offering, Twenty Four Seven stores deliver an international shopping experience, stocking a wide variety of products and providing a range of services, round the clock.
Whether it is daily needs groceries, ready-to-eat foods, a wide assortment of beverages, cosmetics and personal care products, music and movies, magazines, domestic and international courier services, instant photo development, bill payments, mobile phone recharges, movie tickets, or any of several other offerings, Twenty Four Seven stores are giving India’s young working people new and more comfortable options that meet their requirements and also fulfill the needs of today’s modern Indian work culture.


There are over 89 Twenty Four Seven stores in the Delhi NCR region now. The plan is to open 500 stores across the country in the next couple of years with the rollout of a franchisee model.